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Fresh Bakery Station – 15% off

The cake lovers will be able to try fresh cakes in the morning, kick-start of the new day at the Fresh Restaurant of Fusion Suites Sai Gon.

Combined with local flavors such as pumpkin seeds, walnuts, cashews, red artichoke flowers, fresh lemon, traditional chocolate, … will bring you to beautiful European lands.


– Sablé (2 flavors: lemon and chocolate)

– Pound Cake (4 flavors: cashew-red artichoke, chocolate banana, raisin-rum and a traditional fresh lemon)

– Financier (2 flavors: pumpkin seed and walnut)

– Cannelé (8 flavors: red artichoke jam, coffee, vanilla, kumquat jam, chocolate, pandan, caramel, fresh lemon)

Fusion Suites Sai Gon offers you a 15% discount on all types of cakes from April 22 to April 29.

Enjoy with tea for the best taste.

To order cake or ask for more details:

3-5 Đường Sương Nguyệt Ánh, Quận 1, HCMC

(+84) 283 9257 257

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